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Ginger Root - Organic Dried Root Slices

( Zingiber officinale )



1/2 oz  (14 g)

1 oz  (28.5 g)

2 oz  (57 g)

4 oz  (114 g)

Ginger Root Slices - Zingiber officinale

  • * Skin -- improve hair quality (vitamins, minerals, Zinc & Phosphorus add sheen); antioxidant properties protect cell damage from free radicals; soothe burns & improve scars; improves circulation; clears acne & tones skin
    * Pain -- anti-inflammatory for aches & pains; help menstrual pain; relaxes muscle pain when used topically; eases migraines; effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis pain
    * Respiratory -- common flu remedy; relieves congestion; soothes sore throat & coughing
    * Digestion -- mainly used for nausea & upset stomach; improves mood & concentration; helps morning sickness and motion sickness; helps with stomach flu or food poisoning; natural aphrodisiac
    * Immunity -- antihistamine (effective in treating allergies); boosts immune system

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