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  • Infused with organic herbs, these silky oils are 100% all-natural with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

  • Keep your skin moisturized & your mind relaxed with our selection of herbal body oil blends!

  • Unlike lotions, organic oils are non-greasy & penetrate deeply for long-lasting nourishment. 

  • Salves are for localized application, while oils are frequently enjoyed during a massage or bath.

  • We also offer Chakra blends in roll-on vials for meditation & on-the-go spiritual healing.

bath tea

  • ​The skin is the body's largest organ-- so a relaxing soak in the tub allows beneficial absorption of many nutrients from herbs.

  • Bathing with botanicals soothes muscle tension, detoxifies skin, and boosts the immune system.

  • Herbal baths are commonly used to improve one's mood & boost cognitive function. 

  • ​Each variety of Bath Tea has been specially formulated using different herbs with similar abilities.

  • When blended together, these herbs maximize in potency & their effect on the human body .

steam facialS

  • Treating yourself with a herbal steam facial is now more convenient (and more affordable) than going to an expensive spa center!

  • Fragrant aromas are inhaled deeply to obtain herbal nutrients, helping to calm & relax the nervous system.

  • Steam-cleansing eliminates toxins from the respiratory tract, eliminates throat irritation, and boosts overall immune function.

  • Warm steam hydrates and removes impurities from pores, ultimately leaving a wonderful & refreshing glow to the skin.

  • Breathing deeply improves blood circulation which is very beneficial for easing tense muscle fibers.

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