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CROWN Chakra Crystal + Herb Infused Oil in a convenient roller bottle!


Hand-Crafted Organic Apothecary Blend for Reiki Balancing of the Crown Chakra


Under the radiant sun in coastal South Carolina, organic herbs are solar-infused into the oils for 4 weeks, reaping maximum benefits from each plant's unique healing properties. All herbs & flowers are carefully grown, harvested and dried right here on the farm. No chemical pesticides ever touch this soil (only the feathered bug-eating machines), and the only fertilizer used (tilled & incorporated with the soil between growing seasons) is all-natural aged compost. 


DIRECTIONS: Apply externally to Chakra or pulse points to restore balance in your daily life, during yoga, while meditating, or reciting mantras. 



  • 7th Chakra - Sahasrara

  • is our center for "Spiritual Connection & Self-realization"

  • connects us to universal divine energy for wisdom & enlightenment

  • allows for a state of pure consciousness pure consciousness

  • permits us to have feelings of completion



  • poor memory

  • cognitive issues

  • self-destructive behavior

  • depression

  • spiritual disconnection

  • headaches

  • migraines



Clear Quartz - Master Healer, enhancing, amplification

Amethyst - protection, purification, spirituality

Labradorite - strength, transformation, intuition

Angel Aura Quartz - communication, meditation, speeds healing

Rainbow Fluorite - stabilizing, grounding, harmonizing



Lavender - natural aphrodisiac; increases psychological clarity; relaxing effect
Perilla leaf - improves mood; calms nervousness and reduces anxiety
Egyptian Lotus Flower - sedating effect; promotes good sleep; headache relief
Ginkgo biloba leaf - improves focus, memory & creative thinking; boosts cognitive function
Beach Rose - natural aphrodisiac; relieves stress; boosts confidence & fights depression
Frankincense - effective remedy for stress & anxiety; improves memory; therapeutic for positive emotions
Peony flower - boosts cognitive function; soothes nervousness
Magnolia flower - natural aphrodisiac; enhances well-being; alleviates headache; heightens psychic energies
Mulberriesimproves memory; calms nerves; rich in vitamins & minerals for healthy brain function


The Complete Set of Chakra Crystal + Herb Infused Oils is also available.


We offer all of these herbs & crystals in large quantities, when stock is plentiful.

CROWN Chakra Crystal + Herb Infused Roll-on Oil

  • Comes in a 10mL glass vial, with a roller ball top and a black cap.


    Infused Coconut & Sweet Almond oil will contain a few crystals/gemstones & a few pieces of a botanical beneficial to that particular Chakra. Vitamin E oil is added as a natural preservative.


    Glass roller bottles are 3/4" wide and 3.25" tall when capped.

  • The literature here is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of medical professionals. The information in this listing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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