meet trifecta botanicals

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While some might say it's easier to quickly take some medication for various ailments, many of those have side effects that just warrant MORE medication-- and before you know it, you're taking a handful of lab-created pills just to function every day... YUCK! We work our butts off night & day to continuously research all-natural & effective remedies for life's physical aches, mental pains & spiritual imbalances!


What started as a small vegetable garden on a private farm near Charleston, SC, Trifecta Botanicals was nurtured to become a family's mission towards a happy, healthy and chemical-free life on Mother Earth!

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After losing my mother to cancer when I was six, I can remember finding comfort by wearing her jewelry and treasured gemstone pieces (her favorites were Tiger's Eye, Onyx  & Turquoise). I loved closing my eyes and envisioning her energy that had been absorbed by the crystals and gemstones when she was alive. The therapeutic satisfaction I felt at a young age started an appreciation (or maybe an obsession) for gems, and taught me that stones can play a major role in improving our emotional & spiritual states of mind!