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Although we love the peace & serenity of the "simple life", there is never a dull moment at Mustang Alley Farm... Spring is always the most exciting time of year, when new life begins in both the flora AND fauna realms!

Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits in South Carolina

Occupying a huge chunk of our hearts, we get very attached to the lil' floofs and are extra careful about rehoming them. We've been fortunate in finding them all wonderful homes, made great friends along the way, and love how families keep in touch to send me pics! If you are looking for a lovable bunny, click the "Our Bunnies" link or email us at

Herbal Forage Blends for Bunny Rabbit Snuffle Mat Treats

If you would like to swing by & scoop up some delicious farm eggs, please email to arrange a pick-up. Eggs are collected daily & our hens forage all day around the farm with constant access to free-choice organic, non-medicated pellet feed.

$5 per "Baker's Dozen" (13 eggs)

Our family & animals live on a 40-acre farm in a small town outside the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. 

In addition to herbs, we're also obsessed with our rescue dogs, cats, horses, mini donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and ducks... who are all protected by our brave & loyal Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs.


We also raise Pedigreed Holland Lop bunnies, making sure to keep our herd small at all times. This ensures that each bun receives the max amount of individual love. Our animals get spoiled absolutely rotten & are shown unconditional affection every single day... It's great therapy for the human soul too! 

Baby Holland Lop Bunnies near Charleston SC

We've been doing tiresome research to create organic products that bunnies, guinea pigs & pint-sized pets can benefit from too. Our Herbal Forage Blends are already a big hit with customers & other pet lovers!



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