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Calendula Seeds - Annual Flower

Calendula officinalis


The dried flowers are also available in my shop, when stock is plentiful.


Life Cycle: Annual Flower

Height: 18-24 inches

Max Width: 24 inches

USDA Zone: 3-11

Light: Full Sun / Partial Sun

Harvest:  45-55 days

Calendula Seeds - Calendula officinalis

    • Common Names = Pot Marigold / Calendula / Common Marigold / Mary's Gold / Scotch Marigold
    • Low Maintenance and Frost-Hardy
    • Vivid orange and bright yellow flowers
    • Fragrant blooms attract butterflies
    • "Officinalis" epithet denotes the plant is used in medicine and herbalism
    • Added to soups/salads/rice dishes for both color and flavor
    • Common first-aid herb for its anti-inflammatory properties
    • Used in oils/balms/salves to promote healing with sunburn, cuts and wounds
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