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- BLACK OBSIDIAN // Master Protector, grounding, healing
- AMETHYST // protection, purification, spirituality
- CLEAR QUARTZ // Master Healer, enhancing, amplify intentions
- TIGER'S EYE // balance, protection, creativity
- AQUAMARINE // protection, communication, calming
- BLACK MOONSTONE // intuition, protection, new beginnings
- PIETERSITE // remove blockage, intuition, spiritual growth


* Carry them in your pocket or purse

* Setting fresh intentions under the New Moon

* Reflecting on unwanted energy under the Full Moon

* Keep around home / office / car for spiritual guidance
* Place under pillow while you sleep
* Decorate your spiritual altar, shrine or intention candle
* During meditation or yoga
* Use them during an aura cleansing bath
* Create an energy healing sacred space or body layout


1 Mesh Drawstring Pouch
7 Tumbled Stones (0.5" - 1.0"), each with identification
1 Intention Crystal Meaning Card



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PROTECTION Pocket Stone Set

    • Mother Earth produces unique & "one of a kind" creations, so coloring/clarity/shape will vary from stone to stone. Listing pictures above show the typical color, average size, and name of each stone available. You will receive stones similar to the ones pictured.
    • The literature here is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of medical professionals. The information in this listing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any spiritual items, I supply the tools and you supply the energy. Results can not be guaranteed as they depend on your power, knowledge and environment.
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