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Purple Perilla / Red Shiso - Organic Dried Leaf

( Perilla frutescens 'Crispa' )



1/2 oz  (14 g)

1 oz  (28.5 g)

2 oz  (57 g)

4 oz  (114 g)

Perilla Leaf Herb - Perilla frutescens

  • * Antioxidants help lessen damage caused by free radicals
    * Healthy circulation - high source of Omega 3s help lower cholesterol and blood pressure
    * Anti-inflammatory properties known to resist redness and swelling; inhibits body's release of histamine during hypersensitivities or seasonal allergies
    * Respiratory system - used for asthma, rhinoconjuctivitis and cough
    * Abdominal issues - helps indigestion and used after food poisoning

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