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Areca Butterfly Palm Tree Seeds - Indoor/Outdoor Evergreen

Dypsis lutescens / Chrysalidocarpus lutescens


Life Cycle: Evergreen Perennial 

Height: 12-30 ft (unless container-bound)

Max Width: 15 ft

USDA Zone: 8-12 (or grown indoors)

Light: Full Sun / Partial Sun

Areca Butterfly Palm Seeds - Dypsis Lutescens

    • Common Names = Butterfly Palm, Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Yellow Cane Palm
    • Most popular palm sold as potted houseplants 
    • Air-purifying and improves air humidity
    • Native to Madagascar
    • Low Maintenance - tolerates trimming without serious harm to plant
    • Yellow flowers bloom in summer
    • Non-toxic to cats/dogs/horses (according to ASPCA)
    • Used in Feng Shui - considered to be "lucky"
    • Nuts and young leaves are eaten as vegetables in culinary dishes
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