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Umbrella Bamboo Seeds

Fargesia spathacea 'Franch'


Height:  4-13 ft  (1.2-4 m)
Max Culm Diameter:  3/4 in  (20 mm)
Hardiness:  -10 degrees Fahrenheit
USDA Zone:  6-10
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Shade


* Clump-forming, evergreen bamboo that can grows up to 13 feet tall.

* Culms grow to 20 mm in diameter with solid internodes 15-18 cm long.
* The plant spreads slowly by means of short rhizomes, eventually forming quite a large and dense clump.
* Harvested from the wild for local use as food and a source for materials.

* Grown as an ornamental accent in gardens, where it is used to make a privacy screen.
* Native to mountain regions in temperate to subtropical regions.

* Most species of bamboo experience at least some frost in their native habitat, with some species hardy to zone 5.

* Succeeds in most soils as long as they are moist, in sun or shade.
* This species in notably resistant to honey fungus.
* Young shoots are eaten raw or cooked, harvested in the spring when about 8-10 cm above ground level, cutting the stems 5 cm or more below soil level.
* The canes are used for farm appliances, poles, or split and used for weaving.


Storage:  Cool, clean, dry area; keep seeds away from strong, direct sunlight.


1. Remove outer husk and soak the inner seeds in wet paper towel with 1 part hydrogen peroxide/5 parts water in warm indirect sunlight. 
2. Keep seeds saturated in the paper towel for 1 week. Then, sow 1/4" deep into pots with moistened seed-starting mix, or peat pellets. Keep the soil mix moist-- once the germination process is started, seeds can die in a matter of hours if they dry out.
3. Transplant 4-6” sprouts to permanent spot 6” apart, when ground is warm. Protect during the first few winters.

Umbrella Bamboo Seeds - Fargesia spathacea

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