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Pink Tree Peony Seeds - Flowering Perennial / Deciduous Shrub
Paeonia suffruticosa


*  Common Names = Tree Peony / Moutan Peony / Mu Dan / 
*  Frost-Hardy woody shrub with large pink flowers
*  Long-lived plant, and flowers bloom longer than most species during spring
*  Used extensively in TCM and traditional medicine
*  Genus name Paeonia is derived from Paeon-- a disciple of the Greek God of Medicine
*  Known as the "King of Flowers" -- a symbol of honor, wealth, love and affection
*  Roots, flowers and whole plants are used in many natural home remedies
*  Anti-inflammatory properites = promotes circulation, aids healing, and reduces swelling
*  Used commonly to improve liver function, calm nerves and relieve headaches


Life Cycle:  Perennial / Deciduous Shrub
Height:   4-6 ft
Max Diameter:   3-4 ft
USDA Zone:   3-8
Light:   Full  Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest:  2-3 years  (roots)

1.  Tree Peony seeds need a Warm-Cold-Warm cycle in order to break dormancy. You can plant seeds in the ground around early autumn and let nature take its course, or start seeds indoors yourself. 
2.  Place seeds in a bag with moistened sterile seed-starting mix and leave in a warm, dry location for 60-90 days until a single white rootlet emerges to about 2-4 inches long. Make sure soil does not dry out.
3.  After the first warm-stratification period, place seeds in moistened sterile soil mix and move to the refrigerator for 60-90 day cold-stratification period. Check frequently to make sure soil doesn't dry out.
5.  After the cold-stratification period, move seeds into a warm, well-lit area. Plant seeds at ground level outdoors, 18-24 inches apart, after all chance of frost has passed. 
6.  Some seeds may need another complete cycle to break dormancy (if conditions were not met), so don't give up on your seeds too prematurely.

Tree Peony Seeds - Paeonia suffruticosa

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