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Stevia / Sweet Leaf / Sugar Leaf / Candy Leaf Seeds - Annual or Perennial Herb
Stevia rebaudiana


Growth Cycle:  Perennial or Annual

Height:   1-3 ft
Max Diameter:   1-2 ft
USDA Zone:   8-11  (unless grown indoors)
Light:   Full Sun / Partial Shade


* Stevia rebaudiana is commonly known as Candyleaf, Sweet Leaf, or Sugarleaf.
* Native to Brazil and Paraguay, so plants thrive in humid, wet environments
* Grown popularly for its sweet leaves-- which are eaten fresh, in teas and foods. Leaves are commonly dried and crushed into Stevia powder. 
* Perennial, but often grown as an annual.
* Slender-oblong leaves with a prominent mid-rib accompany white flowers
* 200-300x sweeter than cane sugar, with NO CALORIES!

[ The dried leaves of this herb are also available in our shop, when stock is plentiful. ]


* Sugar alternative for control of diabetes and weight loss
* Adds no calories or carbohydrates to diet
* No effect on blood glucose, insulin levels, or blood pressure
* Stevia herb has been FDA Approved - no cases of allergic reactions and free of side effects
* Contains Folic acid, vitamin C, and essential amino acids


Growing Recommendations:
1.  Keep seeds in a cool, dry location until ready to germinate.
2.  Fill seedling trays with moist seed-starting mix and surface-sow seeds, or barely cover with a very thin layer of soil. Spritz with a water spray bottle to settle seeds into soil.
3.  Cover trays with plastic wrap to increase humidity to speed germination.
4.  Keep in a warm, sunny location away from direct sunlight. Make sure soil never completely dries out.
5.  Germination will occur in 10-15 days. Remove plastic wrap when seedlings emerge.
6.  Plant out after all danger of frost has passed, and when seedlings are about 2 months old. If growing in pots, be sure they are at least 10" deep.


***Snip off flower buds as they appear (leaves are sweetest before plant goes to seed) and harvest in fall after cool temperatures of autumn have sweetened the leaves even more.

***Dried leaves are sweeter than fresh, and are usually ground into Stevia powder.

Stevia Seeds - Stevia rebaudiana

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