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Schisandra Seeds - Deciduous Climbing Vine
Schisandra chinensis


*  Common Names = Schisandra / Magnolia Vine / Five-Flavor Fruit / Chinese Magnolia Berry / Wu Wei Zi
*  Grows well in shady spots and in mixed forests
*  Fruit is rich in sugars and makes a sustaining snack - is eaten raw, cooked or dried
*  One of the 50 Fundamental Herbs in TCM known as Wu Wei Zi
*  Used in herbal remedies for cardio health, respiratory symptoms, and as a liver tonic
*  Topical application for skin irritations and allergies
*  Not self-fertile so plant in multiples; pollinated female plants will produce fruit
*  Grow on a trellis, wall or arbor (like grapes)


Life Cycle:  Deciduous Climber
Vine Height:  20-27 ft  
USDA Zone:  4-8 
Light:  Full Shade / Partial Shade
Harvest:  3-4 years

1.  Pour warm water over seeds and let sit for 24 hours. Wrap seeds in a paper towel soaked with 1 part peroxide/5 parts water. Keep moist in ziplock bag and cold-stratify in fridge for 60 days.
2.  Sow 1/2" deep in pots w/seed starting mix. Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep moist. Germination will occur in 4-6 weeks. Be patient and don't discard your seeds prematurely!
3.  Resize into bigger pots as needed. Transplant 4” tall seedlings 12” apart after last frost. Protect young plants during the first few winters.


*** Harvest in the fall, 3 or 4 years after planting.

Schisandra Seeds - Schisandra chinensis

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