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Roselle Seeds - Tropical Perennial, Flowering Shrub
Hibiscus sabdariffa


*  Common Names = Roselle / Flor de Jamaica / Red Sorrel / October Hibiscus / Jamaican Sorrel / Florida Cranberry
*  Native to Africa; Brewed to make a drink called "Carcade"
*  Strong fibers from the stem [ Rosella Hemp ] are used to make sack cloth, twine & cord
*  White / pale yellow flower have dark red base; fleshy red calyx opens to expose flower
*  Drank in tea to aid digestion and respiratory function; used topically for abscesses
*  Used in culinary dishes such as salads, jellies and soups


[ The dried flowers are also available in our shop, when stock is plentiful. ] 


Life Cycle:  Annual Flowering Shrub (Perennial in warmer climates)
Height:  7-9 ft
Max Width:  6 ft
USDA Zone:  6-11
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest:  150-180 days

1.  Soak seeds in water overnight. Sow seeds 1/4" deep in small pots or flats with moistened seed-starting mix. Spritz with water to settle into soil.
2.  Using a heat mat under pots will speed germination, as these plants like tropical climates. Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep soil moist. Germination should occur in 10-20 days. 
3.  Resize into bigger pots as needed. Transplant 6-inch tall seedlings 3-4 feet apart after last frost. Protect young plants during the winters.


*** Harvest in the fall, after flowers fade.

Roselle Seeds - Hibiscus sabdariffa

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