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Red Cockscomb Seeds - Annual Herbaceous Flower
Celosia cristata / Celosia argentea 'Cristata'


*  Common Names = Red Cockscomb / Woolflower / Crested Cockscomb / Common Cockscomb / Crested Celosia
*  Heat-tolerant and resistant to most diseases
*  Plants produce many seeds -- deadhead to prevent self-sowing
*  Can be grown Indoor / Outdoor as an Ornamental plant
*  TCM Herb Ji Guan Hua
*  Flowers are used in floral arrangements and in culinary dishes
*  Used in herbal remedies for inflammation, burns, and arthritic pain; helps stop bleeding and aids in healing wounds.


The dried flowers are also available in the shop, when stock is plentiful.


Life Cycle:  Annual
Height:  1-2 ft
Max Width:  18 in
USDA Zone:  5-9
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest:  90-100 days

1.  Surface-sow seeds in small pots/flats and cover slightly with moistened seed-starting mix. Spritz with water to settle into soil.
2.  Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep soil moist. Germination will occur in 14-21 days. 
3.  Resize into bigger pots as needed. Transplant 4” tall seedlings 16” apart after last frost. 

Red Cockscomb Seeds - Celosia cristata

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