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Perilla Seeds - Annual Herb  (Ornamental Perennial in zones 10-11)
Perilla frutescens 'Crispa'


*  Common Names = Perilla / Red Shiso / Beefsteak / Purple Mint
*  Attractive to bees, butterflies & beneficial insects
*  Fast-growing and Heat-tolerant
*  Self-seeds prolifically when seedheads are allowed to develop 
*  Low-maintenance / Grows easily in different types of soil
*  Widely used for culinary dishes in stir fries, salads and as a garnish.
*  TCM Herb known as 'Zi Su'
*  Used in herbal remedies for cold & flu symptoms, cuts & wounds, abdominal pain & constipation.


The dried leaves are also available in the shop, when stock is plentiful.


Life Cycle:  Annual  (Ornamental Perennial in zones 10-11)
Height:  2-3 ft
Max Width:  1 ft
USDA Zone:  6-11
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest:  50 days

1.  Surface-sow seeds in small pots or flats and lightly cover with moistened seed-starting mix. Spritz with water to settle into soil.
2.  Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep soil moist. Germination will occur in 7-21 days. 
3.  Resize into bigger pots as needed. Transplant 4” tall seedlings 9” apart after last frost. If grown as a perennial, protect young plants during the winters.


*** Start harvesting young leaves at 8 weeks after planting.

Perilla Seeds - Perilla frutescens

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