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Tree Peony Root - Organic Dried Root Slices

( Paeonia suffruticosa )


The seeds and dried flowers for this herb are also available in our shop, when stock is plentiful.



1/2 oz  (14 g)

1 oz  (28.5 g)

2 oz  (57 g)

4 oz  (114 g)


Tree Peony Root - Paeonia suffruticosa

    • Paeoniflorin compound has recently been proven effective for RA
    • Anti-inflammatory - reduces swelling, relieves painful menstruation and headaches, reduces fever
    • Anti-spasmodic - treats chest pains, muscle cramping and spasms
    • Mild sedative - soothes nerves and relieves stress
    • Improves liver function - prevents damage from toxins
    • Great for toning and moisturizing dry, cracked
    • Promotes blood circulation
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