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Moso Bamboo Seeds

Phyllostachys edulis


Height:  45-60 ft (13-18 m)
Max Culm Diameter:  7 in  (18 cm)
Hardiness:  -10 degrees Fahrenheit
USDA Zone:  6-10
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Shade


* Beautiful species of bamboo-- having a light, feathery appearance from a distance. 
* Mature plants have decorative foliage, with leaves hanging down like a waterfall.

* Makes a good background for large landscapes. 
* This temperate genus of bamboo is most commonly used in the bamboo textile industry of China.

* Average breaking tenacity is more than 3x that of cotton, wool, rayon or polyester.
* Grown in large plantations and harvested for a variety of products including timber, fencing, furniture, construction material, paper, plywood, flooring, musical instruments and fishing poles.
* Moso is a winter-hardy bamboo, and shoots are the most commonly eaten variety-- it shoots early, and can be dug in the winter, when no others are available.
* Moso bamboo has become an important symbol of prosperity in Japanese culture.
* It is useful on slopes for combating soil erosion and as a privacy screen.


Storage:  Cool, clean, dry area; keep seeds away from strong, direct sunlight.


1. Remove outer husk and soak the inner seeds in wet paper towel with 1 part hydrogen peroxide/5 parts water in warm indirect sunlight. 
2. Keep seeds saturated in the paper towel for 1 week. Then, sow 1/4" deep into pots with moistened seed-starting mix, or peat pellets. Keep the soil mix moist-- once the germination process is started, seeds can die in a matter of hours if they dry out.
3. Transplant 4-6” sprouts to permanent spot 6” apart, when ground is warm. Protect during the first few winters.

Moso Bamboo Seeds - Phyllostachys edulis

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