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Mandarin Orange Seeds - Evergreen Fruit Tree
Citrus reticulata 'Blanco'


* Citrus reticulata Blanco is commonly referred to as Mandarin Orange Tree.
* Mandarin fruit are smaller and less spherical than normal oranges. They are also easier to peel and not as acidic.
* Usually peeled and eaten fresh by itself, in salads, or in desserts. Juice and frozen concentrate is a very desired drink in various parts of the world, including the United States. 
* Commonly peeled and canned.
* Peel is used as orange zest, or dried and used in candy, tea, oils, air fresheners, deodorizer, bath powder, and as a citrus cleaner.
* Tree is drought tolerant, but the fruit can be damaged by extreme heat. The entire plant is not hardy to cold, so it adapts to indoor conditions well.
* Used in Chinese Medicine for abdominal distension, enhance digestion and to reduce phlegm.
* Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals with many health benefits.


[ The dried peel is available in our shop, when stock is plentiful. ]

Life Cycle:  Evergreen Fruit Tree
Height:   20-25 ft  ( up to 3-6 ft when container bound)
Max Diameter:   8-12 ft
USDA Zone:   6-11
Light:   Full Sun / Partial Shade
Harvest:  2-3 years  (fruit)

1. Soak seeds in a wet paper towel with 1 part hydrogen peroxide/5 parts water in warm indirect sun. 
2. After 1 week, sow 1/4" deep into pots with moistened seed-starting mix, or peat pellets. Keep moist-- seeds can die in a matter of hours if they dry out. Tropical plants need warm conditions, so make sure the soil temperatures do not drop too low. Germination will occur in 2-3 weeks.
3. Transplant to bigger pots as needed, or outside when the ground is warm. Protect during the first few winters.

Mandarin Orange Seeds - Citrus reticulata

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