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ZODIAC CRYSTALS IN ROLLER BOTTLE - Just add your own essential oils!


Apatite + Citrine + Lapis Lazuli + Jade + Aventurine


ZODIAC | Libra

SYMBOL | Balance Scales

ECLIPTIC DATES | Sep 23 - Oct 22




A blend of crystals and gemstones to balance common Libra characteristics by enhancing the best traits, and improving the worst ones...


  • POSITIVES  Harmonious ~ Natural Diplomats ~ Easy-going ~ Elegant ~ Strive for Balance ~ Charming
  • NEGATIVES  Indecisive ~ Gullible ~ Passive-aggressive ~ Gossipy ~ Secretive ~ Codependent


APATITE  //  clarity, spiritual guidance, self expression  //  Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT 
CITRINE  //  abundance, cleanses all chakras, emotional balance  //  Chakras: ALL (Primary: SOLAR PLEXUS, SACRAL, CROWN)
LAPIS LAZULI  //  communication, intuition, inner power  //  Chakras: CROWN, THIRD EYE, THROAT
JADE  //  stability, prosperity, longevity  //  Chakras: HEART, ROOT
AVENTURINE  //  healing, abundance, growth  //  Chakra: HEART 




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LIBRA Zodiac Crystal Roller Bottle

  • You will receive:

    * 10 mL glass bottle, roller ball top, and black cap (Oils NOT included)

    * 3.5 grams of blended crystals

    * Zodiac Crystal Meaning Card (4-page/bifold)


    Stones are undrilled & have a width of 3-8 mm. 


    Glass bottles are 3/4" wide and 3.25" tall when capped.

  • Mother Earth produces unique & "one of a kind" creations, so coloring/clarity/shape will vary from stone to stone. Pictures above show the typical color, average size, and name of stones included. You will receive stones similar to the ones pictured. 


    The literature here is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of medical professionals. The information in this listing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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