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Jujube Seeds - Deciduous Edible Fruit Tree
Ziziphus jujuba


*  Common Names = Jujube, Chinese Red Date, Da Zao, Common Jujube
*  Drought-tolerant and fast-growing
*  Grows well in dry stony slopes of hills and mountains
*  TCM Herb called Da Zao
*  Fruit is eaten fresh, dried as dates, or cooked into breads and jelly
*  Used in home remedies for digestive support, boosting immunity, help with insomnia, and for cardio health


The dried fruit slices are also available in my shop, when stock is plentiful.


Life Cycle:  Deciduous
Height:  20-30 ft
Max Height:  20 ft
USDA Zone:  5-10
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest:  Bears fruit in 3-4 years

1.  Pour warm water over seeds and let sit for 24 hours. Wrap seeds in a paper towel soaked with 1 part peroxide/5 parts water. Keep moist in ziplock bag and cold-stratify in fridge/cold-frame for 60-90 days.
2.  Transplant visible sprouts immediately. Plant any remaining seeds after 90 days in pots w/seed starting mix. Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep moist. Germination will occur in 3-4 weeks. 
3.  Resize into bigger pots as needed and transplant outdoors once well-established after last frost. Protect during the first few winters. 

Jujube Seeds - Ziziphus jujuba

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