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Japanese Cherry Tree Seeds - Deciduous Flowering Tree
Prunus serrulata


* Common Names = Japanese Cherry, Hill Cherry, East Asian Cherry, Oriental Cherry, or Sakura Tree.
* Short, single trunk with pinkish-white flowers.
* Native to Japan, China, and Korea
* The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. commemorates the giving of 3,000 Cherry Trees from Tokyo to America in 1912.
* Blossoms traditionally usually signify the beginning of spring.
* In Japan, the cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune, and an emblem of love and affection.
** Makes a beautiful addition to any landscape, and is also bonsai-suitable.


Life Cycle:  Deciduous
Height:  25-40 ft
Max Diameter:  15-25 ft
USDA Zone:  5-9  
Light:  Full Sun / Partial Sun

Growing Recommendations:
1.  Pour warm water over seeds and let sit for 24 hours. Wrap seeds in a paper towel soaked with 1 part peroxide/5 parts water. Keep moist in ziplock bag and cold-stratify in fridge for 60-90 days. 
2.  Transplant sprouts immediately. Plant remaining seeds after 90 days in pots w/seed starting mix. Japanese Cherry trees have long tap roots, so make sure the pot is fairly deep (unless keeping as a bonsai or small ornamental tree). Place in warm indirect sunlight and keep moist. Germination will occur in 2-8 weeks, although rarely a seed will remain in dormancy until the following year. Be patient and don't discard your seeds prematurely!
3.  Transplant into bigger pots as needed, or plant outdoors once established after last frost. Protect during the first few winters.

Japanese Cherry Tree Seeds - Prunus serrulata

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