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Globe Amaranth Seeds - Edible Annual Flower
Gomphrena globosa


The dried flowers are also available in the shop, when stock is plentiful.


Life Cycle:  Annual
Height:  18-24"
Max Width:  18"
USDA Zone:  3-11
Light:  Full Sun
Harvest:  85-100 days

Globe Amaranth Seeds - Gomphrena globosa

    • Common Names = Globe Amaranth / Makhmali / Globe Flower / Vadamalli.
    • Low Maintenance - heat tolerant, frost hardy and drought resistant.
    • Bright purple-magenta flower heads attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.
    • Flower heads grow in a clover-like fashion, hence the "Globe" reference in its name.
    • Popular in dried floral arrangements and bouquets.
    • Flowers are edible and commonly used in herbal tea.
    • Used in home remedies by many cultures for respiratory conditions, digestion, and healthy kidney function.
    • Plant possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
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