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Early Broadleaf Lilac Seeds - Deciduous Flowering Perennial Shrub

Syringa oblata


Life Cycle: Deciduous Perennial
Height: 8-12 ft
Max Width: 12 ft
USDA Zone: 3-8
Light: Full Sun / Partial Sun
Time to Maturity: 2-3 years until flowers bloom

Early Broadleaf Lilac Seeds - Syringa oblata

    • Common Names = Early Lilac / Broadleaf Lilac / Korean Lilac
    • Fragrant flowering tree in the olive family (Oleaceae) with pinkish-lilac flowers
    • Low Maintenance and Frost-hardy
    • Blooms earlier than other lilacs - Early Lilac is the only species of lilac to develop appreciable fall color, with purple-red autumn leaves
    • Grows on gravel mountains, stream banks, thickets and valleys
    • Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees
    • Wild-crafted as a source of an essential oil; Commonly used in bouquets
    • Root bark and flowers are used in traditional medicine to lower fever, improve digestion, and to boost immune function.
    • Flowers are edible and non-toxic to cats or dogs.
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