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Date Plum Persimmon Seeds - Deciduous Fruit Tree

Diospyros lotus


Life Cycle: Deciduous tree
Height: 25-35 ft
Max Width: 20 ft
USDA Zone: 5-9
Light: Full Sun / Partial Sun
Harvest: 3-4 years (fruit)

Date Plum Persimmon Seeds - Diospyros lotus

    • Common Names = Date Plum Persimmon / Lilac Persimmon / Caucasian Persimmon / Date-plum
    • Among one of the oldest plants in cultivation
    • Known to ancient Greeks as "God's Fruit"
    • English name refers to the taste of the fruit-- which is similar to both plums and dates
    • The fruit grows to the size of a large cherry, and is eaten ripe or dried.
    • Persimmons are used in bread, pastries and jams
    • Wood from the tree is durable, pliable, and resists rot-- and is used in construction and carpentry
    • Fruit is high in antioxidants, boosts the immune system, and aids in digestion
    • Tree is not self-fertile-- fruit from unpollinated trees will not contain seeds for future planting
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