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Glass Vial with Crystal Chips and Cork Topper




Choose from 30 different stones:


AMAZONITE // expression, balance, inspiration

AMETHYST // protection, purification, spirituality 
ANGEL AURA QUARTZ // communication, meditation, speeds healing 
APATITE // clarity, spiritual guidance, self expression  
AQUAMARINE // protection, communication, calming 
AVENTURINE // healing, abundance, growth 
BLACK TOURMALINE // protection, grounding, calming 
BLUE LACE AGATE // communication, stabilizing, calming 
CARNELIAN // creativity, physical vitality, grounding 
CITRINE // abundance, cleanses all chakras, emotional balance 
CLEAR QUARTZ // Master Healer, enhancing, amplification 
GARNET // love, loyalty, commitment/ 
GREEN JASPER // protection, balance, creativity 
HEMATITE // Master Grounder, energizing, balancing 
JADE // stability, prosperity, longevity 
LABRADORITE // strength, transformation, intuition 
LAPIS LAZULI // communication, intuition, inner power 
LARIMAR // high vibrations, communication, nurturing 
MALACHITE // amplifies intentions, protection, healing 
PIETERSITE // remove emotional blockage, intuition, spiritual growth
PREHNITE // dreams, spiritual knowledge, forgiveness 
RAINBOW FLUORITE // stabilizing, grounding, harmonizing 
RED JASPER // nurturing, grounding, stabilizing 

RHODONITE // love of self & others, vitality, support 
ROSE QUARTZ // all types of love, compassion, self-esteem 
SMOKEY QUARTZ // remove negativity, grounding, transformation 
SODALITE // intuition, focuses energy, guidance 
STRAWBERRY QUARTZ // amplifies intentions, insight, love & understanding 
TIGER'S EYE // protection, creativity, balance 
UNAKITE // balance, release, spiritual insight 



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Crystal Cork Vials

  • You will receive:

    * 10 mL glass bottle

    * Cork top

    * Crystal / Gemstone chips (between 16-22g - depending on stone density and shape)

    Vials measure 3/4" wide and 3" tall when corked.  

    Stones are undrilled & have a width of 3-8mm.

  • Mother Earth produces unique & "one of a kind" creations, so coloring/clarity/shape will vary from stone to stone. Pictures above show the typical color, average size, and name of stones included. You will receive stones similar to the ones pictured. 

    The literature here is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of medical professionals. The information in this listing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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