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Codonopsis Seeds - Herbaceous Perennial
Codonopsis pilosula

Life Cycle:  Perennial
Climbing Vine Height:  6 ft.
USDA Zone:  5-9
Light:  Partial Shade / Shade
Harvest:  2 years (root)

Codonopsis Seeds - Codonopsis pilosula

    • Common Names = Codonopsis, Bonnet Bellflower, Poor Man's Ginseng, Dang Shen, Woodland Bonnet Bellflower 
    • Herbaceaous vining/climbing perennial
    • Found growing in forests, thickets, and in the shade of trees
    • Roots are added to soup, ground into flour, or boiled with rice
    • Popular TCM herb known as Dang Shen.
    • Known as "Poor Man's Ginseng" because it shares many of the same health benefits as Panax Ginseng, but sold at a much cheaper price.
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