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Citron Seeds - Flowering Fruit Tree / Evergreen Shrub

Citrus medica

Life Cycle: Evergreen Shrub / Flowering Tree

Height: 10-15 ft

Max Width: 12 ft

USDA Zone: 9-11  (unless grown indoors)

Light: Full Sun

Harvest:  3-5 years

Citron Seeds - Citron medica

    • Common Names = Citron / Etrog / Yellow Citron / Bumpy Lemon / Cedrat / Citrus Apple
    • Fragrant flowering evergreen with yellow citrus fruit
    • Used in culinary dishes, perfume, and home remedies
    • Low maintenance; Almost no dormancy as plant blooms several times per year
    • Known as "Etrog" and used during festivals for the Jewish holiday Sukkot
    • Fruit has thick rind & faintly warted on the outside; High in Vitamin C and soluble fiber Pectin
    • Citron fruit can grow to 10 lbs and doesn't fall from tree-- Pick fruit before fully mature to avoid branches breaking
    • Leaves are glossy & green with a lemon scent
    • Fruit is used to boost immune system, ease nausea, and has anti-inflammatory properties
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