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Angelica / Female Lady Ginseng - Dried Organic Root Slices

( Angelica sinensis )



* Hormone balancing- menstrual symptom relief in women, male fertility booster
* Promotes circulation - eases headaches, lower BP, increases energy, prevents heart disease or stroke
* Detoxifies body - potent antioxidant and blood-cleansing tonic
* High source of Biotin - improves hair / skin / nail conditions
* High source of Vitamin B12 - maintains health of nerve cells and neurotransmitter signaling


Common Uses:

~ Arts & Crafts ~ DIY Projects ~ Soapmaking ~ Decorating Candles ~ Apothecary Herbalism ~ Home Decor ~ Incense Blends & Smudging ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Mojo & Gris-Gris Bags ~ Bath & Body Products ~ Aromatherapy ~ Spiritual Rituals ~ Orgonite & Resin Design ~ Natural Remedies ~ Reiki Healing ~ Herbal Medicine ~ Potpourri & Fragrance ~ Infuse into Herbal Oil ~ Floral Display ~ Fragrant Mesh Sachets ~ Sprinkle in Bath Water ~ Dressing Manifestation Candles ~ Dyes for Cloth & Easter Eggs ~ Additive to Cleaning Products ~

Angelica Root - Angelica sinensis

  • Most herbs & flowers are carefully grown, harvested and dried right here in South Carolina. No chemical pesticides ever touch this soil, and the only fertilizer used (tilled & incorporated with the soil between growing seasons) is all-natural aged compost. 

  • The literature here is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace the diagnosis or treatment of medical professionals. The information in this listing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please do your own research and learn any precautions associated with any of the herbs.

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