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Bunny Chronicles: Support Your Rabbit with Herbs

bunny rabbit laying on white blanket

Welcome to the delightful world of pet rabbits! These adorable and fluffy companions bring us joy and enchantment-- but like all creatures, they may face certain challenges throughout their lives. In this blog, we will embark on an uplifting and informative adventure, exploring the typical issues that pet rabbits may encounter and discovering the magical aid that botanicals and herbal tinctures can provide. Get ready for a captivating journey to conquer the hurdles in a bunny's life!

Hopping Away from Digestive Distress

Rabbits are notorious for their delicate digestive systems and occasionally face tummy troubles. To aid this, we introduce Mint Leaf. This refreshing herb soothes stomach problems, relieves bloating discomfort, and helps prevent gastrointestinal stasis. Mint is packed with minerals, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants-- making it a beneficial treat that bunnies find tasty. This botanical superhero will get your bunny's digestion leaping towards wellness!

Balancing Emotional Bliss

Just like us, rabbits can experience emotional ups and downs. When stress clouds their little bunny minds, Chamomile comes to the rescue! This herb is renowned for its calming properties, promoting inner peace and helping our companions find their zen. Chamomile also aids the digestive system which contributes to your bunny's overall well-being. It's the perfect ingredient for hopping into a state of tranquility and happiness.

Hare-raising Immune Support

A robust immune system is vital for rabbits to thrive and overcome challenges. Enter the magnificent Echinacea herb, which boosts their immune system and fortifies their natural defenses. This botanical gem also has alterative & vulnerary properties, making it helpful in healing wounds and restoring proper body functions. Let Echinacea assist with warding off potential illnesses to keep them bouncing with vitality and resilience!

Energy for binky-filled days

Bunnies are known for their playful nature, but sometimes age or health conditions can affect their energy levels. To ensure your furry companion is always ready for energetic adventures, we present the remarkable Ashwagandha Root. This herbal wonder has been used for centuries to enhance stamina, increase energy levels, and boost immune system function. In addition, this herb helps improve bone strength and aids cell regeneration, so watch as your bunny's boundless zest for life takes center stage!

Soothing serenade

Life can get overwhelming for our adorable hopsters, causing stress levels to rise. Rabbits appreciate serenity and relaxation, so we can turn to the soothing power of Lavender! Its gentle fragrance promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and helps create a peaceful environment for our beloved pets. This herb also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for pain relief, which can be a contributing stress factor in our furry friends. Sprinkle a little lavender into their lives and witness the harmony that unfolds!

two holland lop bunnies snuggling

As devoted rabbit guardians, it's our duty to understand the common challenges our fluffy companions may encounter throughout their lives and provide them with the support they need to thrive. By embracing the power of natural remedies and botanical tinctures, we can give our furry friends a gentle nudge towards a happier life. So, embark on a journey towards boundless joy, optimal health, and endless snuggles for our beloved pet bunnies!

four different herbal forage blends for rabbits and guinea pigs

Note: Adding herbal supplements to your pet's diet does not replace regular checkups or proper care, and is not advised for young rabbits under 6 months of age. Remember, it's always important to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new treatments to your rabbit's routine.

girl holding a white bunny
Our Holland Lop, Shelby, when she was just a baby.

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