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Bunny Boarding - Indoor Suite

Inside Care for Rabbits

  • 15 US dollars
  • Indoor Suite

Service Description

Our indoor bunny suite offers a home away from home, where your pampered pet can be treasured during their stay. Mustang Alley Farm invites your bunny to become a part of our family until you return from traveling. Located in the heart of our home, the spacious bunny enclosure sits in our living room, ensuring your bunny is the center of loving affection. This prime location lets your furry companion enjoy the comforts of home-life that include soothing background noises, familiar daily routines, and constant human presence. Our indoor suite provides a climate-controlled environment, perfect for pets who prefer a more domesticated setting. Your pet won't just be housed-- they'll be cherished temporary family members. They'll hear our conversations, enjoy music with us, and be included in our quiet evening relaxation times. This home-like environment helps reduce stress and anxiety that some small animals associate with boarding. Your bunny will receive personalized attention, regular interaction, and plenty of gentle socialization, making them feel secure and loved throughout their stay. We breed a small herd of purebred, pedigreed Holland Lops at Mustang Alley Farm, but our commitment to our bunnies extends far beyond adoption day. We're honored that many adoptive families frequently choose us for their bunny-sitting needs. This special bond allows us to reunite with our furry alumni, ensuring they're thriving in their forever homes while providing peace of mind to their families during travel. Our reputation for exceptional bunny care, built on years of experience and countless happy returns, makes us the go-to choice for both new and familiar fluffy faces. Check out our gallery to see previous bunny visitors! Mustang Alley farm is 100% protected with 10-ft tall perimeter fencing, a passcode gated entrance, and thermal scope monitoring at night to provide peace of mind while you're away. Drop-off is anytime after 4pm and pick-up is before noon 12:00pm, allowing convenient scheduling for both you and your pet. Before booking, please read over our Boarding Policies for more specific information.

Booking Terms

If purchasing an extended stay plan, log into your account after checkout to select available dates. To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. For any questions, please use our contact form or email us at

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