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Mustang Alley Farm offers affordable overnight pet boarding at our 40-acre residence in the serene countryside. We are huge animals lovers, so play sessions are included in the boarding price -- no extra charge -- because every pet deserves daily affection, and it's mutually therapeutic for us.

We believe that pets thrive when given the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Fresh air and exercise are crucial for their physical health and mental well-being. Our facility offers plenty of opportunities for exploration, socialization, and stimulation to keep your pet engaged throughout their stay. Private pens open into large fenced-in play areas, allowing your dog to run freely or relax in their private pup cabin. The farm's free-roaming horses, mini donkeys, goats, and sheep grazing happily adds an extra layer of enrichment to your dog's visit.

We also board pet rabbits in our Bunny Ranch, where your bunny can zoom around the Hoppy Haven area and get to see our sweet resident Holland Lops. If your pampered bun prefers a calmer environment, we have indoor accommodations for your bunny to stay inside our private home.


  • Personal Residence:  Conveniently located next to our home, ensuring a home-like environment and constant supervision.

  • Limited Occupancy:  Only 4 dog kennels are occupied at a time, ensuring lots of individual care and minimizing stress for anxious pets.

  • Calm Environment:  Reduced crowding helps create a serene atmosphere, ideal for pets that get nervous around large groups of dogs.

  • 24/7 Monitoring:  Continuous care and attention, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

  • Daily Updates:  Owners receive regular updates via photos, videos, and messages about their pet's activities and well-being.

  • Security:  Each pen is secure and features a comfortable cabin for your pet to call its own.

  • Large Play Area:  Pens open directly into a spacious, fenced-in play area for plenty of exercise and socialization.

  • Enrichment:  Variety of toys available to keep pets engaged and mentally stimulated.

  • Interactive Play:  Structured playtime is always provided, as well as cuddle time.

  • Shaded Pens:  Tarps provide ample shade outdoors while allowing adequate flow of fresh air, ensuring comfort even on sunny days.

  • Custom Feedings:  Each pet's food is brought from home and feeding schedules are tailored to each animal's specific needs.

  • On-Site Veterinarian Access:  Our mobile vet partners in the area make prompt house calls for emergency care.

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