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Mustang Alley Farm



  1. Reservations and Payments:

    • All reservations must be made in advance.

    • Full payment is due at the time of booking unless otherwise arranged.

  2. Cancellation and Rescheduling:

    • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

    • Clients can reschedule up to 48 hours before the start time.

  3. Health and Vaccinations:

    • All pets must be in good health and free of any contagious diseases or parasites.

    • Proof of current vaccinations is required for dogs (Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper) and must be emailed to

  4. Emergency Care:

    • In the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to reach the owner.

    • If the owner cannot be reached, we are authorized to seek veterinary care as deemed necessary. The owner agrees to be responsible for all veterinary costs.

  5. Personal Property:

    • We are not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items left with the pets (e.g., bedding, toys).

  6. Pick-Up and Drop-Off:

    • Drop-off and pick-up times are between 4:00pm and 12:00pm noon. Special arrangements outside of these hours must be made in advance.

    • If a pet is not picked up within 7 days after the agreed pick-up date and no contact is made by the owner, we will consider the pet abandoned and will take appropriate action.

  7. Photographs and Marketing:

    • The owner agrees that we may take photographs of their pet during their stay and use these photographs for website purposes.

  8. Liability Clause:

    • Mustang Alley Farm will exercise reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of all pets. However, the owner acknowledges that pets are boarded at their own risk. Mustang Alley Farm shall not be held liable for any injury, illness, or death of any pet arising during their stay, provided that reasonable care and precautions were taken.

  9. Diet and Feeding:

    • Owners must provide their pet’s food to maintain consistency in diet and to not disrupt their digestive system. Please only send enough food/treats for the days your pet will be with us.

    • Customizable feeding plans are accommodated as per owner’s instructions.

Dog Boarding Policies:

  1. Outdoor Kennels:

    • Dogs are boarded in secure outdoor pens with individual dog houses.

    • Pens open to a large, fenced-in play area where dogs can take turns exercising and exploring.

    • Only 4 kennels are occupied at a time to ensure individual care and prevent overstimulation for anxious dogs.

    • Pens are shaded with tarps to provide comfort on sunny days.

    • Play sessions are included in the boarding price; no extra charge for playtime.

  2. Behavior and Compatibility:​

    • Any dog showing signs of aggression or severe anxiety will not be accepted.

  3. Daily Updates:

    • Owners can receive daily updates via photos, videos, or messages about their dog’s activities and well-being.


Bunny Boarding Policies:

  1. Outdoor Play Enclosure:

    • Bunnies boarded in our outdoor Hoppy Haven play enclosure will have access to a secure, spacious area for exercise and socialization.

    • The enclosure is monitored to ensure the safety of the bunnies from predators and adverse weather conditions.

    • Bunnies will be provided with shade, water, and enrichment toys to keep them entertained.

  2. Indoor Private Home Boarding:

    • Bunnies boarded indoors will stay in a dedicated area within our private home.

    • They will have access to a comfortable and secure space with plenty of room to move around.

    • Indoor bunnies will be provided with bedding, food, water, and toys to ensure a stimulating environment.

  3. Diet and Feeding:​

    • Fresh hay and water will be provided at all times, and an appropriate serving of vegetables will be given daily.

  4. Socialization and Handling:

    • Bunnies will receive regular socialization and handling to ensure they feel comfortable and secure during their stay.

  5. Daily Updates:

    • Owners can receive daily updates via photos, videos, or messages about their bunny’s activities and well-being.

For any questions, please use our contact form, or email us at

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